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FISHER PRICE stuff are here :) May 23, 2009

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howdy everybody 🙂

its an honour to announce that now u can buy FISHER PRICE stuff at babyruffkins & also at my partner’s blog hugzkisseseveryday.blogspot koz now both of us are sharing the same “hat” for FP stuff . NOW we r “FP FREAK” partners :mrgreen:

all our FP stuff are brand new and of koz the price is LOWER than the market price 😀

i can see spark in ur eyes when u heard this good news, right??!

so pliz have a look/click at this page : FISHER PRICE STUFF

u can place order 24/7 but orders will be  close every wednesday at 1200am. 

i’ll post it ONLY on monday either using pos malaysia normal parcel or GDEX.

pliz refer to fisher price terms & condition for further info.

and pliz noted that we r doing “PROMO PRICE” for certain items for certain time only.

so, hurry up & dont miss this great offer!!!!

its for limited time only.

see it to believe it 😯

happy shopping!!!!!! 😆


NOTE: sorry to announce that all returned customer won’t be eligible for 8% discount for FP stuff koz im already offering the BEST deal in town. but u r still eligible for that 8% discount for other items. tq.


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