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  Welcome to babyruffkins…………………….

    Its babies & kids apparels online shoppe.

    please take ur own sweet time to browse through the items in my shoppe.

    u can click the menu in the green box which is located at the right side of this

    blog. To view large image of the picture, u can double click on the pics.


    do check out my :

·          NEW ARRIVAL page for latest items, which in beginning, i”ll update it       

         once I got new stocks.

·         for PRE-ORDER items, mostly the items are quite pricey compare with

        the other items here koz  my dealer have to import directly from the

        manufacturer. but trust me…..its the best bargain u’ll   ever get. sure u   

        wont regret!


    whenever u find something that catches ur eyes….do email me at for stock availability. if the items have already sold out,

    u still can request but i’ve to check with my dealer.


    All the price shown does not include the postage cost. Buyers will bare the   

    postage cost.


    Most of my items are 20-50% less than the retail price koz my main intention is  

    to help parents get branded & cute clothes/items for their kids at a small price

    but big in quality & satisfaction …..just like what im doing now for my lil’



    since this is my first time doing online shop…..most of the items i sell in small

    quantity. if the response marvellous…..insya allah….i’ll add my stock in big

    quantity. pray for my succes:)


    Please do not hesistate to ask me question by emailing me at

    Do gimme 2-3 days to reply ur email koz im doing this part time a.k.a during night

    time after my lil’  cutiepie sleeps.


    i’ll try my best to make sure all my items are genuine, cute & most of all…..value

    for money.

    koz with current economy situation….most parents have to be smart buyers….it

   doesn’t mean we can’t spend our money to buy things & enjoy our life but we’ve

    to spend it wisely by getting good bargains.


    happy browsing & happy shopping mopping!!!! 🙂







Hello everyone! i’m Peya, a mother to a lil’ cutiepie name farah irdina. Besides that, im a working mother. nway, i do enjoy doing this online biz as my part time job:)


im doing online biz koz i love to shop online for my lil’ cutiepie & i’ve been spoiled with thousands of choices . so, im taking this opportunity to collect all the best bargains that i can find out there & share it with others.


tadaa!!!here i am…with my lil’ blogshoppe….babyruffkins.

here  i sell baby & kids apparels plus other baby stuff at a low price. all the items are selected by me as if im buying it for my own kids. so, please buy it with confident


i do enjoy sharing these best bargains with other people koz by doing good things… makes me happy & feel blessed 🙂


happy browsing & happy shopping mopping 🙂


have a nice day!!!








that’s the 1st question pop up from ur mind, right??


no worries dear….some of the clothes in my lil’ shoppe are excess or cancelled orders from


authorised manufacturers. so, they are genuine & high in quality . and most of all CHEAP


koz they sell in bulks just to clear off their items. to differentiate these items, some of


the tags are partly or totally snipped off. sometimes, there are marks on the tag.


beside that,  there is no difference in the clothes itself. its just that u didnt get the


original shopping bag 🙂


there are also items that i get it from new zealand koz my sister lived there.  most of it,


my sister “borong” during sale. so, it’s cheaper than the price show at retail shop in msia


esp pumpkin patch, oshkosh & baby gap.






to all my beloved customers;


really appreciate if u can leave feedback/comments upon ur purchasing at the


“TESTIMONIAL” page to cheer up my lil’ blogshoppe 😉


PLUS….it will enhance the credibilty of my lil’ blogshoppe 😆


type ur feedback/comments in the “leave a reply” box at the bottom of the page.


ur kindness & cooperation are muchly appreciated. 


CHEERS :mrgreen:


babyruffkins trademark






17 Responses to “HOME”

  1. mama_muqri Says:

    hye peya!!
    congrats on ur new online clothing!! great job dude..
    aku dah tgk beberapa baju and as usual aku sukeeeeeeeee
    hahahaha…especially for overall n t-shirt..Please la carik banyak lagik baju especially for boys 🙂

    InsyaAllah, I’ll order from u soooonnnnnnnnnn!

  2. alinz Says:

    wah..wah..wah…berjaya akhirnya…congrates my dear friends…hahaha..nanti aku order byk2…

  3. Mama Khaira Says:

    Peyaaa!!ni Jan ler,wahh menariks nya page ni..mmg sesuai utk ibu2 bekerja yg sibuk mcm kita eheh

  4. k.linda Says:

    nanti cari kan akak botol susu yg cute2 tau… boring la asyik tgk botol susu yg dok ada.

  5. noa Says:

    hai kak peya….lawa2 bju2 tu…tp awat bnyaq na bju girl…noa 2 boy…klu leh cari boy bnyk sket ek…bju t-shirt nike ke…huhu..nti ade kenan noa oder…ade bg kat member akak nye web ni…x pe kan….

  6. epul Says:

    Caya la Peya…ko dah jadi usahawan internet la…nnt ko nyer address ni aku link kan kat fotopages aku…free promotion…hehehehehe…tp rambang la mata aku tgk ko nyer harga ni…murah la…cam nak beli semua je utk anak aku…:)…

  7. mumy Says:

    hi,, sory… i dah try banyak kali nak transfer duit socks tue… tapi maybank2u ari nie x leh bukak la… sok pagi2 i try lagi k. so x yah sent dlu lah barang i. tunggu sampai dapat transfer dulu payment untuk socks tue k..

  8. mumy Says:

    k.. payment dah settle yea… dalam dah bleh sent stuff i dengan socks tue skali yea. thanx.

  9. mama cubby Says:

    hi peya….

    fiza dah dpt dah td…
    so cute….

    JIMAT MASA I…..:)

  10. mastura Says:

    salam peya…kalu saya minat nak beli byk2 boleh bagi arga borong atau camner? boleh email saya?

    • babyruffkins Says:

      hye mas!
      boleh je…juz email me brg mana yg u berkenan.
      will let u know the price.
      i ada email to u catalogue.
      pliz check

  11. Rai Says:

    hai.bagi lah katalog kat emeil i..
    i nak tengok gak..mesti beli punye!!!

  12. MamaKhaira Says:

    Peya,thx 4 those luvly puppets!nnti bley la gn utk g skolah 😉

  13. mummy Mukhrizz Says:

    Hye peya..Zatty here..
    i’m very satisfied wth ur goods xpecially socks & fabric book tu..
    nway, teruskan usaha n Good luck !!
    jgn luper notify me when u get new item ..
    more more to buy… =)

  14. mummy Says:

    u know.. blog ni yang paaaling bagus skali n service yang terbaik skali antara banyak2 yang i dah try.. congratulate… anugerah blog terbaik dari i.. hehe.. so.. i will be ur regular customer… hehehe…n thanx 4 trusted me…

  15. mummy Says:

    peya.. ada x lagi stok baru untuk sesame street.. selain yang i dah amik tue.. girl n boy..

  16. aisyah j Says:

    nak bli

    size : 18-24mos (3 units) – for baby height 79.05cm – 84.15cm
    rm10. nk bli 1


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